Not Your Chief protest Phoenix 2015

Images of Native Americans are used as mascots in sports in the US, including the Kansas City “Chiefs”, Washington “Redskins”, and Atlanta “Braves”.  No other racial group are used as mascots in American sports.  We never hear about teams called the Kansas City “White People”, the Atlanta “Black People”, the San Francisco “Asian People”, or the Phoenix “Mexican People”.  A lot of Native Americans don’t like the way their racial identity is turned into a cartoon in sports.  That doesn’t help people think of them as real human beings.  This was the protest at the Kansas City Chiefs game in Phoenix this summer.  Interview with Amanda Blackhorse.


Occupy Phoenix Backup Negotiation Committee

While our Negotiation Committee was meeting with the Phoenix city government, everyone back in the park was preparing for the police to move in and arrest them.  A lot of the people were afraid of police violence and were going to leave rather than take the risk.  So I walked up to the police headquarters with two other Occupiers and we asked them directly what their orders and intentions were.