Phoenix Go Topless March 2016

We demand the right to bare chests!  The Go Topless march in Phoenix was bigger than ever this year.  The law that says that for a woman to show her nipples in public is a sex crime, and therefore a felony, completely ignores the fact that women’s nipples are the food source of newborns.  Which makes you wonder what the people who wrote that law were thinking about.

Phoenix Go Topless March 2014

In Arizona people are allowed to carry loaded assault rifles with fixed bayonets in public, but for women to show their nipples in public is a felony.  That includes breastfeeding in public.  The Go Topless march protests that every year.  This year’s march is this Sunday, August 28th, beginning at 10 a.m. at Steele Indian Park.

Phoenix Go Topless March 2015

Do you realize that it’s legal for a man to walk around topless in public but for a woman do it is a felony and a sex crime?  That’s not equality.  This year’s Go Topless March is this Sunday, August 28th, at 10 a.m. at Indian Steele Park.

Mosque Protest-Counterprotest– Complete

The anti-Islam protesters were there to protest how Islam is practiced in the Middle East and how that version of it is using the freedom of religion laws of other countries to spread into the rest of the world.  But that side was also motivated by a lot of ignorance-based hate.

The pro-Islam protesters were there to defend the freedom of religion, including of religions they don’t personally like.  Whether they realize this is happening or not, a lot of Muslims outside the Middle East are reinterpreting Islam to combine its ideas with those of their own countries, including everyone else’s freedom of religion.  But their side was motivated by a lot of ignorance-based acceptance, because they assumed that almost all Muslims all over the world practice Islam the way Muslims they like here in the US practice it.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an ex-Muslim refugee from Sudan and a political scientist, brings all these topics together in her books and videos.  Her most recent book is Heretic–Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now.